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“I wrote Motivated or Misplaced in order to help you answer perhaps the most important question in your life — Are you living the life that you truly want?”

Daren  is  an  attorney,  author,  business  consultant,  investor,  speaker  and  father.    He  brings  a  very  unique  perspective  on  success,  motivation,  inspiration  and  education.  His  journey  from  growing  up  in  a  small  mobile  home  in  Michigan,  to  holding  senior  executive  positions  at  several  global  media  companies  and  Silicon  Valley  startups,  is  filled  with  adversity,  persistence,  humor  and  gratitude. READ MORE

Daren  is  the  Founder  of  Red  Ice  Ventures,  a  media  and  technology  consulting  company.    Daren  helps  content,  technology  and  software  companies  create  new  product  and  sales  strategies,  grow  revenue  and  market  share,  and  build  long-term  competitive  advantages.

Previously,  Daren  spent  almost  20  years  in  a  career  that  spans  law,  business  development,  sales,  and  strategy.    He  began  his  career  as  an  attorney  at  the  Federal  Communications  Commission  in  Washington  DC,  focusing  on  communication  policy  issues. READ MORE

This  book  is  not  about  the  author,  me,  it’s  about  you,  and  for  you.  I’ve  purposely  left  myself  out  of  the  text  because  I  wanted  to  put  everything  that  I  had  into  creating  something  dynamic  and  helpful  for  you!  However,  I  think  that  it’s  important  for  you  to  know  where  the  inspiration  for  this  book  arose.  It  all  comes  down  to  a drive through window at a fast food restaurant and one simple statement.  “Sorry, you’re two pennies  short”. READ MORE

I  wrote  Motivated  or  Misplaced  in  order  to  help  you  answer  perhaps  the  most  important  question  in  your  life—Are you  living  the  life  that  you  truly  want?    Be  honest  with  yourself  and  contemplate  whether  this  is  truly  the  life  that  you  always  thought  you  would  have. READ MORE

Motivated or Misplaced?

8 Steps to Create the Life That You Want!

by Daren A. Benzi

Foreword by Les Brown

Les  Brown,  the  number  one  motivational  speaker  in  the  world,  says,  “When  you  have  finished  reading  this  book,  your  life  will  never  be  the  same.”  Are  you  living  the  life  that  you  want?  Or,  are  you  living  the  life  that  someone  else  thought  that  you  should  have?  If  you  aren’t  living  the  life  that  you  truly  want,  then  you’re  “Misplaced.”


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by Jill on Amazon

August 1, 2018

Motivated or Misplaced is a book that conveys a strong message of knowledge and wisdom from someone who was once misplaced and now is clearly motivated… Overall, this book has a motivating, enlightening and positive tone with guidelines to use throughout all aspects of your life! All I can say is, now that I’ve read this book, my Motivation to succeed won’t be Misplaced.

Sonia on Amazon

July 31, 2018

I really enjoyed this book! The suggested exercises are so easy to follow and complete.  It certainly inspired me to get moving on my plans to achieve my personal goals. I highly recommend this book to those who seek to really challenge themselves, invest the time to lead a Motivated life, and let go of the Misplaced life!

"When you have finished reading this book, your life will never be the same."

Les Brown
Public Figure and Motivational Speaker

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